Sunday, October 4

Talbot Runhof SS2016 Paris + Backstage @Palais de Beaux Arts

posted by Paige Donner

All runway Photos courtesy Talbot Runhof

lingotto print silk pekin top and matching crispy cotton ball skirt

avorio, panna and nero color block tweed top with panna crêpe slacks

nero two-tiered pleated crêpe jacket with a crêpe and chiffon star pleat shirt

blureale and nero pleated crêpe top with black pleated chiffon pants

gears and cogs print chiffon pantsuit gown and  avorio crêpe pants

gears and cogs print chiffon mini caftan and matching shawl

panna guipure and laser-cut hologram fringe and chiffon gown

Talbot & Runhof 

BACKSTAGE / Atmosphere Photos by Paige Donner