Thursday, April 2

The Ritual Project FW15


designed by Glenn Martens

For Y/PROJECT FW15, Glenn Martens continues to explore thefine border between youth and adulthood.  By opposing architectural cuts with comfortable fits, graphic tailoring with urban streetwear, technical highlights with a nostalgic fundament, Y/PROJECT continues to thrive on transcendent versatility. 
Tweed track pants, sleek vinyl suits and scooter jackets, easy wool bombers with shearling lining, vegetally treated leather trench coats with jean jacket paneling, knitwear with leather details...The Y/PROJECT AW15 collection is a twist of futuristic hip-hop and classical elegance. 

Pour Y/PROJECT AH15, Glenn Martens continue d'explorer les limites entre jeunesse et maturité.  En opposant des coupes architecturales à des matières souples, la netteté graphique au streetwear urbain, l'aspect technique à un fond de nostalgie, Y/PROJECT prospère dans sa transcendante polyvalence. 
Pour sa troisième saison comme directeur creatif de Y/PROJECT, Martens propose une juxtaposition fascinante des tissus classiques et tech qui créent des effets graphiques Op-Art.  La collection Y/PROJECT AH15 a une touche de hip-hop futuriste et l'élégance classique. 


Friday, February 27

Fashion Designers Go To The Oscars 2015

Talbot-Runhof at The Oscars - Academy Awards 2015, Hollywood California 

Hailee Steinfeld wearing Andrew Gn to the Vanity Fair Oscar party, Beverly Hills, 22nd February 2015

Rashida Jones Wears Andrew Gn to the Vanity Fair Oscar party, Beverly Hills, 22nd February 2015. 

Thursday, July 3

Henrik Vibskov SS15 Men's Paris Runway Fashion Show

Henrik Vibskov SS15 Men's - THE BEST Paris Men's Fashion Runway Show Ever!

by Paige Donner
All Photos copyright Paige Donner 2014 All rights Reserved

This year's Men's SS15 runway show in Paris for the Vibskov line took place amidst a backdrop of a water ballet performed outdoors in the beautiful Paris Marais by the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet dance troupe. Choreographer was Alexander Ekman. The performance was given as an extension of their recent production of Swan Lake at the Oslo Opera House.

Paris Fashion Paige


The 150M2 shallow pool that served as the central focal point around which the models walked, was filled with 4000 liters of water. Choreographer Ekman is internationally acclaimed and sought after for his ability to pair wit and playfulness.

The models for the Vibskov SS15 Men's collection shown in Paris wore monk-like headpieces and specially made tight fitting neoprene water shoes which allowed them to glide around the Place Baudoyer catwalk.

Brick motifs became the building blocks of sweat styles, reconstructed double-faced jersey and assembled patterns.

Sunday, March 2

Une Way Of Life: Burnt Red Nails

By Paige Donner

We love (as in love ! love !) Une’s Slightly Burnt Red nail enamel. Red livens up any outfit and adapts to all clothes and makeup, regardless of coloring. Deep and almost brickishly red, it’s a perfect color for early spring and on into the summer. Did we mention how nicely it wears with a deep brown tan ?

Something else you’ll find with UNE nail poishes is an XXL brush that applies your enamel varnish on your nail in one easy stroke. Its not-too-hard, not-too-soft brush fans out over the nail so you’ve got full color coverage precisely and in a flash of one brush-stroke.

And since it’s UNE, ethical is part of the product and part of the packaging. For instance, on the back of each nail polish bottle label is the figure that indicates the percentage of natural origin ingredients for each varnish shade : C09 our Slightly Burnt UNE Red lovely is a whopping 72.1% natural origin.

The Base and Top Coat otherwise known as C00 is 85% natural origin. This adds a natural Ultra-Shine to any of the nail enamel colors.

The color pigments ? They are mineral.
The petrochemical derivatives found in most nail varnishes ? UNE replaced them with equally effective natural origin ingredients : cotton, potato, manioc, algae.

New for this Spring are the 4 shades to match skin color, ranging from NUDE to cocoa brown. Forbidden and exciting shades to wear on your hands as we cruise towards warmer weather.

Other members of the UNE nail enamel color wheel are the SHIL family of shades. These are 2 Natural Shades (soft pink, light beige), 2 Shades Inspired by Lips (blush red, slightly burnt UNE red), and 4 Inspired by Eyes (taupe, khaki, smokey, denim).

SHIL stands for Skin, Hair, Iris and Lips.  It’s a sort of (shhh ! secret) code invented by UNE to create natural colors that enhance women of all ages. These shades take their inspiration from the natural shades of Skin, Hair, Irises and Lips.

You can rely on your 3-in-1 UNE nail color formula – that’s Base, Color and Extreme Shine – to be formaldehyde-, phthalate- and toluene-free.

Oil-Based Nail Polish Remover

And now for the real kicker !  UNE likes to say that they don’t know the meaning of impossible. So when faced with creating a natural nail polish remover, they went in the direction of OIL-Based and all natural.

The First 100% natural origin, zero fragrance remover. 

What’s more, it not just respects your nails but your cuticles too.  Want to know what’s in it ?

80% natural origin solvents extracted from plants.
20% sweet almond and apricot oil

On the light, blossom green bottle you’ll find listed the ingredients, detailing the percentage of natural origin ingredients : 100%

It’s also 100% effective in removing the UNE nail natural ingredient nail polishes. Even my Spring-Summer fave, the Slightly Burnt UNE Red.  If only for a color refresh !

Thursday, February 13

Couvrance - For A Complexion Worthy of The Big Screen

by Paige Donner


Cake-free and doll perfect. That’s you, right ? Of course it is ! And if you feel you need just a tiny little nudge of help in getting there, look no further than Couvrance, the clean pure makeup by Avène, and its line of complexion correcters and foundations.


Couvrance is based on the premise that a woman’s skin is one of her most sensitive and prescious organs. Hence, tender loving care are the operating words here for this line of medical makeup. 


The other philosophy is to use the correcter sticks that come in Coral, Yellow and Green to neutralize those small flaws, bags under the eyes and tiny blemishes. Once these small imperfections are made invisible through the delicate application of counter-balancing correcters, a light sheen of  Couvrance Compact Foundation Creams can be applied to achieve that flawless Big Screen finish.


Since Valentine’s Day this year is yet again smack dab in the middle of Awards Season, here are some tips that will keep you looking your fresh, radiant and thoroughly seductive self, whatever the occasion :


Dark Circles Under The Eyes


First – and always – thoroughly moisturize under the eye before applying complexion correcters.


For brown undereye circles – Use the coral concealer stick which works for darker skin, the type of skin that tends toward brown undereye circles. The Couvrance Coral Concealer stick creates a very luminous and natural anti-dullness effect.


For blue undereye circles – The Couvrance Yellow Concealer stick works wonders in neutralising the appearance of blue undereye circles.


More Tips on the Concealer Sticks:
Green – neutralises redness, spots, small blemishes
Yellow – neutralises bruises and dark spots 
Coral – neutralises brown spots, melasma


Technique «  Since your small imperfections have now been neutralised, there’s no need to apply coat after coat of foundation. Instead focus on texture and application techniques, with the desired results in mind. »


Use a brush to apply the Couvrance Fluid Foundation Corrector. This will achieve the appearance of a flawless complexion by casting a veil over your skin.  If your complexion tends towards the grey or dull (such as during winter months!), choose a shade with a hint of pink to freshen up your complexion.  Choosing a shade that is slightly ligher than your skin tone can help your face appear younger. (Darker shades tend to add years.)


Now, for the finishing touches, you can actually « draw » on your face with the Couvrance Concealer Pen.


These work by applying them to your face after your foundation (to avoid running). The areas of application are on these points : the forehead, nasolabial folds, tip of the nose, corners of the mouth, hollow of the chin.


This adds contour and illumination to your face.


Last step – Mattify your makeup with a dusting of the Couvrance Mosaic Powders. *Hint – these can be used as an eye makeup palette as well. 


Whether you set your makeup with the translucent Mosaic Powder, the Radiance or the Bronzer, each are sure to have your makeup lasting all night long and a quick re-dusting of the Mosaic Powder in its slim white compact case during the evening, or any time, will keep your face shine-free.


Nooowww you’re ready for your Big Screen close-up, you doll, you !


*Couvrance are high-tolerance formulas designed for sensitive skin types. They contain no preservatives, no fragrances and are hypoallergenic. They do not smear ; they offer UV protection and are resistant to water and perspiration.



Couvrance by Avè