Wednesday, March 7

Talbot Runhof's Besame Mucho F/W 2012/13 Paris

Paris Fashion Week F/W 2012/'13  - From ivy to oak, from acorn to gingko, birch to maple... color nuances of chartreuse to olive, emerald to evergreen, turquoise to jade, moss to bronze. green.

Nora Dinsmoor, played to perfection by Anne Bancroft in Great Expectations is the muse for this season's collection by Talbot Runhof. 

"...deserted on her wedding day as a young woman, her garden still decorated and waiting in vain, in anticipation of a celebration, covered in a verdant mélange of foliage, a daily affirmation of her life, her sadness, her passion, swirling through the decaying rooms of her home to her hymn of hope, bésame mucho..."
All photos by imaxtree courtesy Talbot Runhof