Thursday, July 3

Henrik Vibskov SS15 Men's Paris Runway Fashion Show

Henrik Vibskov SS15 Men's - THE BEST Paris Men's Fashion Runway Show Ever!

by Paige Donner
All Photos copyright Paige Donner 2014 All rights Reserved

This year's Men's SS15 runway show in Paris for the Vibskov line took place amidst a backdrop of a water ballet performed outdoors in the beautiful Paris Marais by the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet dance troupe. Choreographer was Alexander Ekman. The performance was given as an extension of their recent production of Swan Lake at the Oslo Opera House.

Paris Fashion Paige


The 150M2 shallow pool that served as the central focal point around which the models walked, was filled with 4000 liters of water. Choreographer Ekman is internationally acclaimed and sought after for his ability to pair wit and playfulness.

The models for the Vibskov SS15 Men's collection shown in Paris wore monk-like headpieces and specially made tight fitting neoprene water shoes which allowed them to glide around the Place Baudoyer catwalk.

Brick motifs became the building blocks of sweat styles, reconstructed double-faced jersey and assembled patterns.