Sunday, January 20

Rynshu - AW 2013-2014 Collection

A/W 2013 2014


  Paris, le 20 janvier 2013



RED CARPET/RealisticStyle

RYNSHU's clothes are suitable for formal occasions. His design is simple but has a particular quality (also an aspect of the eccentric). People will be recognized once they put RYNSHU's clothes on. 

This season, RYNSHU featured the new formal style. He designed sophisticated classic modern items with comfortable unisex items. His"Black Style" brings out a person's potential (such as...intellectual attraction). He expresses this theory by using high quality textiles, detail, and the silhouette. It is good to coordinate simply. 

He designed punk rock and heavy metal neck wear.  Main color of this season is black. He added medium grey, black and white, and camouflage army pattern with art sequins. He felt these colors were suitable with the new formal. He also chose SWAKARA fur. It is used for shoes and outers. This fur will attract the person who likes casual and hi-end items.